Lifestyle, Youth and Media Bibliography در یادداشت های شما ذخیره شد. توجه داشته باشید که یادداشت ها موقت بوده وبعداز خروج شما حذف خواهد شد.

Lifestyle, Youth and Media Bibliography

Isa Zare’ei1

“Lifestyle” is among the concepts of social sciences which has recently captured the attention of cultural experts and authorities. This notion has been created as a result of the interweaving, linkage, systematicity, and complexity of the multiple factors that affect human’s manner and region of living. In this regard, lifestyle consists of a set of factors and elements that are more or less connected systematically and provide a general cultural and social configuration. According to the definition, it encompasses a set of perceptions, values, behaviors, states, and tastes in every thing. What follows is a bibliographical and alphabetical list of books, articles, and theses concerning the issue of youth, media, and lifestyle, which have been published in Iran so far. It is hoped that this index will prove effective in increasing researchers and enthusiasts’ awareness of the history of conducted researches and in organizing the forthcoming studies.

Key Words: lifestyle, youth, media, bibliography.

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