The Role of Mass Mediaon Body Image and Eating Disorders در یادداشت های شما ذخیره شد. توجه داشته باشید که یادداشت ها موقت بوده وبعداز خروج شما حذف خواهد شد.

The Role of Mass Mediaon Body Image and Eating Disorders

Ana R. Sepúlveda1 and María Calado2

The present article is a synopsis of a work done by two Spanish psychologists and researchers, Ana R. Sepúlvedaand María Calado. In this article, entitled “the role of mass media on body image and eating disorders”, the authors attempt to take a critical eye at the influence of the mass media on the trend of homogenizing aesthetic and body models, to suggest paying attention to humane values and to offer a health-centered approach in countering with this trend.
They point out that the domination of a capitalist system, a humanitarian perspective and the mere emphasis on the outward attractionsin the West have resulted in the reduction of the offered lifestyle to a Western-American life pattern. Then mentioning the pathologies of this issue, such as the excessive attention paid to the body beauty, the decrease of self-esteem and women’s health, etc., they warn us that other aspects of human such as intellectual, artistic and social skills should not be regarded as second priorities.
In the end, the authors make suggestions in order to change personal motives and to adopt a social and health-centered approach.

Key words: media, ideal body, globalization, eating disorders.

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