Media and Youth’s Creation of Epic in Political and economic Arenas در یادداشت های شما ذخیره شد. توجه داشته باشید که یادداشت ها موقت بوده وبعداز خروج شما حذف خواهد شد.

Media and Youth’s Creation of Epic in Political and economic Arenas

Mohammad Hemmati1

Maximal and informed political participation which is also referred to as political epic is one of the needs of society to achieve religious and political development and to counter foreign threats. Consisting of different levels, political participation is influenced by various factors including the mass media. This article attempts to mention the five functions of media and to consider each one’s capacity in youth’s creation of the political epic. The aforementioned functions are based on McQuail’s theory and include information, correlation, continuity, entertainment, and mobilization. In this article, first political epic and political participation are defined in a conceptual framework and then considering the social functions of media, media strategies for a broader political participation on the part of youth are discussed.

Key words: political epic, political participation, youth, media, media function.


Objectives of the Quarterly:
The IRIB Islamic Research Center publishes the Quarterly of Youth and Media Studies with the aim of supporting the IRIB program ـ makers in terms of thought and content, and in the area of youth, and meeting their mental needs in the realm of youth, religion and media.
Objectives of this Quarterly include:
Expressing Islam’s viewpoint concerning topics and issues of youth at the individual, family, and social levels;
Introducing appropriate patterns for making programs in the area of youth;
Critiquing and considering the current approaches and programs of media concerning the youth;
Trend analysis of media programs with a youth approach.

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